Movie Review: ‘Wiener Dog’ Has Surpises For The Whole Audience

A novel movie with an unusual concept, ‘Wiener Dog’ has loads of surprises for the audience. Revolving around the life of a dachshund dog as she enters into the story of different humans, the movie certainly has lots to say. Directed by Todd Solondz, this entertainer is slated to release on 24th June 2016. By depicting unique relationships between the dog and its diverse owners, the movie takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride. With four separate stories woven into a single piece, the storyline is packed with lots of power. While each of these stories depict the bond between the dog and a different owner, the movie promises variety and diversity.

As each of the owners have their own set of troubles, challenges, responsibilities and behavior, the little dog acts as a connecting link. With powerful cast and impressive storyline, the makers of this movie have ensured unlimited doses of entertainment. Opening with the image of this little dog, as she waits for adoption forms one of the best highlight of the movie. With this, as the story progresses ahead, the entertainment quotient increases by great amounts. Touching on sensitive topics, yet adhering to a simple theme, ‘Wiener Dog’ prompts the viewers to participate along with it. Dynamics of emotions, complexity of relations and complication of situations form the central baseline of this movie, as the dog brings comfort and love into the lives of its owners.

From playing and enjoying with a young boy to being looked after by a veterinarian assistant, from staying with a film professor to spending his last days with an elderly woman, the dog moves from one owner to the other. While each of these owners have their own unique plot, the underlying connection through the dog appears interesting. Touching a significant subject, yet maintaining the flavor of simplicity, the movie promises novel shades for its viewers. As each of the owners take the viewers through their worries, troubles and insecurities, the presence of dog provides some level of joy. The movie succeeds in projecting a strong bond of attachment between animals and humans.

Though the dog moves through the story without any words; the power of expressions, feelings, emotions and reactions does a perfect job. By depicting such strong connection with the dog, the movie opens our eyes towards animals. Showcasing such unusual bonds and connections, the movie wins in its purpose.

With excellent star cast featuring Ellen Burstyn, Danny DeVito, Julie Delpy and Greta Gerwig, the movie has exciting content for its audience. Besides these talented assets, cuteness of the dog adds unlimited charm to the plot. Several names of the dog such as Wiener, Doody and Cancer, used by her range of owners depict the closeness in their relation. Though the movie succeeds in its motive, it suffers from the troubles of slow pace. Progressing through the story with slow movement, the movie tends to lack enthusiasm and energy.

Watch this movie for its novel concept, unique bond with the dog, diversity of storyline and complexity of life struggles. Enjoy this creation for an interesting change!wiener

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