Movie Review: ‘What Keeps You Alive’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Jackie (Hannah Anderson) decided to take her wife Jules (Brittany Allen) to her family’s cabin in the woods. Sarah (Martha MacIssac) and Daniel (Joey Klein) own the cabin across the lake. Sarah and Jackie were childhood friends and Jules started finding out things about Jackie. It wasn’t anything that she needed to be worried about or so she thought. When Jackie takes Jules out into the woods to look at the scenery, Jackie pushes Jules off of a cliff and Jules tries to survive long enough to save herself and stop Jackie. It’s a dangerous game of cat and mouse and Jules has to give herself the strength to go as far as Jackie will.

This film is pretty good. It’s a simple plot involving a woman marrying another woman that she doesn’t really know. Jackie is a psychopath and Jules has to do what she can to survive. There were definitely parts where Jules made some very dumb decisions and it cost her a lot. It makes you think why she didn’t stick to the first decision she made when she tried to save herself, but it was still interesting to see where the rest of the film was going. The plot didn’t feel dragged out and it’s not something that you feel like you haven’t seen before, but it’s better than many thrillers like this.

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