Movie Review: ‘The Wedding Ringer’ Kevin Hart And Josh Gad Are Brilliant

Review by Monique Thompson

The Wedding Ringer

Jimmy (Kevin Hart) provides best man services for socially challenged guys, who – for whatever reason – have no one close enough to agree to stand by them on the day of their wedding. Doug (Josh Gad) a groom-to-be, has found himself in just such a situation, to make matters worse, he fabricates the names of not only a best man but nine groomsmen as well. When all else fails, Doug seeks out Jimmy’s services to carry out a charade designed to make Doug look his best, but threatens to destroy everything if it fails.

Can Kevin Hart ever go wrong? Obviously not at this point considering he continues to nail role, after role, after role in every film he does. The pair, Hart and John Gab, are absolutely brilliant together! With a much different role than his voice-over work as Olaf in Frozen, Gab naturally plays a not-so-popular businessman married to a beautiful bombshell (Gretchen – played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). As cheesy as the story line is, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this film is hysterically funny. Of course, there may be plenty of unrealistic scenes; a mini-van making a huge jump over a mis similar to the bus jumping scene in the action movie Speed, but who typically goes to a comedy movie expecting realistic comedy. A comedy is supposed to make you laugh, whether it’s realistic or not and bottom line, Wedding Ringer serves plenty of that.

While Hart continues to shine as a comedian, producer Will Packer is another dominating the box office by successfully producing stand-out films. Wedding Ringer is a hit and a must see!

In theatres January 16th.

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