Movie Review: ‘Wake’

An offbeat romantic comedy with a message, the movie ‘Wake’ touches a unique topic in a unique way. It revolves around a woman Molly who has not been able to make peace with her husband’s death. While she stays with her Mom Ivy and daughter Sam running a funeral home business, she hasn’t stepped out of her house since the last three years. The plot builds up showing us the sad and defeated look of Molly who is not ready to embrace her usual living. So much is the pain in her life that she is not interested in her fortieth birthday. While her jolly mother and young daughter try to cheer her up with a life-sized doll named ‘Pedro’ and surprise tickets to Moscow, Molly rejects it right away.

What follows is drama, humor and suspense showing us how certain situations can bring out the best or the worst in us. The story touches a bold topic of death in a simple manner, depicting how difficult it can be for the loved ones around us. The story runs into some funny awkward moments when a handsome lonely man named Joe comes to their house for his father’s memorial service. One thing leads to another and Molly finds herself attracted to the young man. Though he offers an opportunity for a date, Molly is unable to forget the past. Her feelings for her dead husband resurface making it difficult to get out of the house.

An interesting take on life, death, family, feelings and love, the movie delivers its message with a unique charm. Each of the actors have done a fantastic job. Though the plot runs into embarrassing moments with the funny doll, it manages to lighten the topic. The movie deserves the credit of bringing humor to an otherwise serious topic. It hits the right notes to show the importance of living in the present.

Molly’s off and on take on life, Sam’s desire to reconnect with her mom with a trip to Moscow and Ivy’s fun-filled attitude to enjoy life with a big smile irrespective of age form the interesting theme of the movie. Whether Molly agrees to share the precious present moments with Sam or refuses to cope with her loss make way for an interesting twist to the tale.

Watch it for the unique comic moments that offer something different from the usual comedy movies. It will make you happy while you watch the offbeat fun-filled moments all along the movie.

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