Movie Review: ‘Voodoo’

Review by Cade

Voodoo is a horror film about, well, voodoo. Dani, the protagonist, is a southern girl who decides to take a vacation in Los Angeles with her cousins in order to escape the psychotic girlfriend of her ex. She spends the beginning of her vacation as one would expect: partying and relaxing on the beach. The film takes a surprising turn when Dani gets transported to what appears to be a stereotypical hell in which she becomes subject to a haunted house-like gauntlet of scares. Unfortunately, the special effects were pretty terrible, and the entire ordeal was appalling and just ridiculous.

The movie was made out to be filmed from the point of view from a video camera, usually operated by Dani. This wasn’t a very good choice, as it quickly became unbelievable during the second half of the movie, which was her journey through the underworld. The backstory of Dani was never properly developed, we only find out about her reasons for coming to L.A. in the first place. The motive behind her hauntings is just as unclear, which isn’t very satisfying.

Plot aside, the horror aspect of the film was pretty simple. It was sporadically built up throughout the first half of the movie, mostly by special effects which were meant to be even more insidious through the lens of a video camera. The randomness and our lack of knowledge of a legitimate motive for these evil entities to haunt Dani seemed almost lazy and unfinished. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone looking for a plot and/or a legitimately frightening atmosphere.

HyperCube Films releases VOODOO in theaters February 24 across the U.S, the VOD hits day-and-date via Freestyle Digital Media.

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