Movie Review: ‘Unfriended’

Review By Monique Thompson

What is being hyped up as a scary movie is a complete let down, in terms of the horror factor. If your main reason for wanting to see Unfriended is because you think you will be scared for dear life, think again. What saves this film from being a total dud is by far the comedy. The film has one setting and one setting only; on the computer screen of one of the seven characters within the movie. While it missed the scary factor, Unfriended nails the unintentional promotion of Skype, the MacBook, YouTube, and Facebook. In other words, it nails adding more publicity to the world of social media.

During the entire film, six friends are online having a video chat via Skype when an uninvited 7th guest joins the party. Little do they know, it’s the spirit of their classmate Laura Barns who committed suicide a year earlier after an embarrassing video of her is posted on YouTube. All of their friendships are tested as the chat progresses and the spirit begins attacking each of them one by one. Eventually, the truth about who posted the video is revealed. Initially as the teens are being haunted, they are cracking jokes about the situation until things take a turn for the worse and the spirit has them all ratting each other out by revealing deep dark secrets during a game of Never Ever Have I Ever. The tangled web these teens have weaved is quite entertaining and surprising.

Admitting the story line sounds cool is easy to do but expecting it to be scary is far from reality. Found footage scary movies such as the Paranormal Activity series are extremely popular but many times lack the idea of sticking to its purpose of being scary and Unfriended isn’t any different; and that’s coming from someone that scares easily.

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