Movie Review: ‘Two Night Stand’ Deserves One Night Rental……At Best


Two Night Stand’ is currently streaming in a “Buy” option only on iTunes. So, not only do you already have the option of purchasing a movie that just came out theatrically, but you literally have no option of trying it out first. Unless, you just happen to live in the one area that it’s actually playing in theaters (Frisco). I mention this to point out that even the distributor of this movie has so little faith in it that they give you no option to rent and the movie is not even playing in Dallas.

I understand this ill conceived strategy because the movie really isn’t worth your time in anyway other than a Redbox rental, but it’s not any worse than most romantic comedies. If the filmmakers had done a little marketing and put the thing in a couple theaters it might have made a couple bucks. Yet, as it stands, it is highly unlikely that any of you know what movie I’m even reviewing or ever will see it.

You are not missing much. The film is about a girl named Megan (Analeigh Tipton) who has been living in her friends apartment for quite some time. She moved to New York for a serious relationship that fell through. Then one night she decides that she is going to get laid and finds a dude named Alec (Miles Teller) to fill in the whole penis part of that getting laid equation.

The morning after this one night stand Megan tries to leave Alec’s apartment, but there has been a blizzard and she is totally stuck. Luckily, Megan and Alec can’t stand each other. Which means we get to slowly watch them complain about each other’s faults until they decide to make it a two night stand. I’d like to say that there is something more to the movie or that it adds something special to the romantic comedy trope, but I would be lying.

For the most part, this film is just uninspired. Both actors do a good enough job and seem to enjoy each other’s presence, when they are allowed to. However, most of the film leaves them doing moronic things like breaking into the neighbors house to take a shit because they flushed a magazine page down the toilet. Luckily, Miles Teller is awesome in just about any stupid thing. So, the film remains at least moderately entertaining.

Still, going to see this movie in a theater is a total waste of time and buying it is equally wasteful. This means that your only option is going to be to rent it when it becomes available if you feel that is necessary. Until then, go see something else.

Nathan Ligon

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