Movie Review: ‘Tsunambee’

Review by Smee

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good and cheesy horror movie. There is nothing more fun than sitting down with your favorite people, popping in an old creature movie (I am a HUGE fan of the Godzilla franchise), and hitting play while filling it with your personal commentary. I was looking forward to “Tsunambee” for that exact purpose, and I certainly got what I wanted.

This film is set in Los Angeles, a perfect place for a disaster/monster movie. Atmospheric anomalies have create an apocalyptic wasteland in LA, and this includes hordes of killer bees. Now, we’re not talking about the “Africanized Bees” that were rampant in America in the 1980s. These are giant, vicious bees that are dead set on completely destroying the human race. An unfortunate side effect of being attacked is you become a zombie. So not only do you get beat up by a bee (you have to watch to understand), which of itself sucks, but now you’re undead. Great way to spend your afterlife, right?

Thankfully three plucky survivors are on hand to try and stop the bees. The situations they find themselves in while trying to leave the city at times seems rushed or out of place, and in true D-level movie there is a ton of overacting, but it’s really what you’d expect. Go into this film with no expectations of it being the next “Sharknado” (not the sequels, but the original) and you’ll have fun with it.

“Tsunambee” stars Stacy Pederson, Ruselis Aumeen Perry, and Shale Le Page, and is directed by Milko Davis.

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