Movie Review: ‘Trust Fund’

“There’s all kinds of opportunities. You just have to choose what you want, and what’s worth waiting for.”

This quote is from the pleasantly surprising new film, Trust Fund. It is a mix of romantic and family drama with a little bit of an underworld cartel story and some humor for good measure. The story-lines flow well together like threads in a tapestry creating a beautiful work of art that is ultimately about love. The acting and writing is superb and well worth the time of anyone who loves love.

The movie starts out a little slow as it sets up a few plot points, showing Reese and her sister growing up in a quick montage. As adults, Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe; “La La Land”) is an aspiring writer trying her best to live her life without having to do real work. Meanwhile, her sister Audrey (Louise Dylan; “Beat Girl”) has been working hard for their father. Expect the two to clash over their different approaches to earning a living.

After learning a secret that their father has yet to share regarding their mother’s will, Reese takes it upon herself to get the money she thinks she is owed from her father’s company and flees to Italy with her boyfriend. But paradise doesn’t last long and she soon returns to face her father’s love, which refuses to punish and instead gives another fresh start. Has she learned her lesson? Will this cause more problems with her sister? Will her past in Italy catch up for some extra third act drama? The second half of the film really picks up speed and shows that love can be powerful.

Kevin Kilner (“House of Cards”) plays their love sick father and owner of a publishing company. Ana Ortiz (“Devious Maids”) is a competing publisher who is waiting for Reese to finish writing her book. Willie Garson (“Sex in the City”) is a private investigator that Audrey tries to hire, but whom has his own agenda being employed by some other party. All the acting is pretty well done and the cinematography is a joy to watch. While it may not win any major awards, overall, I found Trust Fund to be an enjoyable movie and would give it a fair recommendation.

On DVD and HD Digital on July 18.

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