Blu-ray Review: ‘Trolls’ Is An Inspired And Entertaining Musical

Review by Nathan Ligon

There have been tons of animated movies this year, but only a handful have delivered something truly special. In fact, a couple of those movies might end up on my top ten (Kubo, Zootopia). On the flip side of that coin has been some truly uninspired films (Storks, Ratchet & Clank) that bored me into submission. I mention this because the kiddos will love all of them fairly equally, but we know better.

Luckily, the latest effort from Dreamworks Animation (a little musical called ‘Trolls’) is right in between. It’s not super special in any way, but it is certainly an inspired and entertaining musical. Sometimes that just what the doctor ordered.

The story is actually a little morbid if you just read it on paper. You see, a grew of depressed creatures called the Burgens are looking for an answer to their sadness. So, they decide that if they eat a bunch of happy trolls then they can be happy for one day. Which is exactly what they do. That is, until one day the trolls escape from their death tree.

Then a few decades go by without any bad stuff happening and the trolls decide to throw a ridiculous party. However, a bunker building basher of the Burgens named Branch (Justin Timberlake) tells the leader of the trolls, Poppy (Anna Kendrick), that they really need to call the party off. They don’t. Burgens get some trolls. Which leads Branch and Poppy on a grand adventure to discover love, music, and save their buds.

The music part of that equation is really the saving grace. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zoey Deschanel, Ariana Grande, and so many more provide some pretty good musical numbers. Some are certainly better than others and many are a rip off of existing songs, but it provides some steady entertainment. Also, it’s wonderful to see what JT’s hit single “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” was written for. It’s not a disappointment.

So, this may not be one of the best or worst animated films of the year. It’s just in the middle. If you are looking for some good family fun then you can’t go wrong with ‘Trolls’.

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