Movie Review: ‘The Trip To Spain’

If food, travel and comedy are three aspects that appeal to you, upcoming movie ‘The Trip to Spain’ should be your next entertainment fix. Slated to release on August 11th, this travel based entertainer will take you to the beautiful country of Spain. After two successful movies ‘The Trip’ (2010) and ‘The Trip to Italy’ (2014), actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back with yet another trip coupled with good food and interesting experiences.

When Coogan invites Brydon for an all-expense paid trip to Spain, family man Brydon cannot resist the opportunity to be away from a boring routine. Tied up with responsibilities of an infant son and a daughter, Brydon looks forward to the trip to a far-away land. While Coogan aims to work on his novel, he assigns the job of restaurant reviews to Brydon. As they sample food at various places in Spain, what follows is unlimited fun, adventure, humor and joy. Sarcasm and jokes are some things to look forward to as these two friends continue their non-stop banter over delicious food. Besides amazingly plated dishes and authentic Spanish meals, the movie takes the audience to exotic locations. As the two embark on a long road trip along the coast, the surrounding scenery is truly worth watching.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon have reproduced their amazing chemistry for the third time as the travel series succeeds in entertaining the audience. But travel and food are not the only two things in the movie. While the previous two adventures featured their youthful and carefree days, this movie involves some serious reflection over mid-life crisis. As the two talk about mounting responsibilities and worries of growing age, it manages to connect well the audience. It seems more realistic and true while the two friends engage in some serious discussion.

The movie also talks about their family. Brydon is well-settled with a wife and two kids. On the other hand, Coogan is struggling to form a connection. Funny scenes at the restaurants and in the car make the movie entertaining in every way. The two actors are often teasing each other about their careers and achievements. Egos and pompous jokes are at the highest as the two try to prove their success. But the reality of failed efforts and struggle in career raise their ugly heads quite often.

Director Michael Winterbottom has done a great job by combining reality with adventure. It does not seem like a larger than life story and offers the opportunity to go on an adventure with these entertaining protagonists. It will take you on a trip while you are comfortably seated in front of the screen. Each of the three movies are independent stories which make it easy to follow even if you have not seen the earlier two.

Watch this movie for its spread of delicious food- sea food, paella and pintxos; humor and jokes by the two actors and picturesque landscape of Spain. This trip will definitely give you a wonderful break from a boring routine.

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