Movie Review: ‘TRI’ Is For The Whole Family

An inspirational tale with excellent message – ‘TRI’ is an entertaining movie for the audience. With a simple flow yet novel concept, this movie manages to hold the attention of its viewers’ right till the end. Revolving around the determination of a young woman Natalie (Jensen Jacobs), the story depicts her hard work to succeed. Known for her habit of leaving things half done, Natalie lacks the necessary motivation to accomplish any task. While working as an ultrasound technician in a hospital, she comes across a unique opportunity. When a cancer patient introduces her to national level competition of ‘Triathlon’, she hopes to accomplish it right till the end.

With a firm determination to succeed, Natalie prepares herself for the big day. Though competing for such a challenge translates into preparation, training, commitment and interest, Natalie stays firm for the same. TRI has an entertaining theme with wonderful characters and excellent acting. Each of the actors have brought their best talent, bringing the story to life. The story comes across as a usual tale, yet shines with its elements of motivation and inspiration. As Natalie commences her journey with faith and interest, it portrays the need to believe in ourselves.

Support from her husband and best friend pose as the highlight of this movie as both of them stand as strong pillars. Along with her training team, coaches, fellow participants and well-wishers as Natalie enjoys the course of her preparation, the movie moves at an interesting pace. Soon she realizes the power of her mind and body, while refusing to accept defeat. Though rigorous course of cycling, swimming and running turn into challenging activities, her determination to succeed proceeds on full swing. The movie talks about the need to work hard and invest our efforts as the end point demands every possible contribution.

Slated to release on 13th December, 2016, TRI is a complete family entertainer. With underlying theme of comedy and humor, the movie takes us to the world of possibilities, opportunities, success and confidence. It can pose as an excellent motivational movie for today’s generation, as we tend to suffer from short attention span. Staying determined right till the end is the message of this movie that succeeds in its aim in every way.

Director Jai Jamison has brought a unique movie for the audience with light hearted humor and deep motivational message. Watch the movie for its realistic acting, novel idea, interesting set up, talented cast and feel-good theme. ‘TRI’ will definitely inspire you to try and try till you succeed!

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