Movie Review: ‘Traded’

Review by Wesley Collins

When watching and critiquing films, I often look for the element of believability and realism. Traded, without a doubt is film that is certainly believable and has what I believe to be real world elements.

The film is set in a pre-modern farming community in Kansas. The story follows a man who goes to great lengths and through great risk and sacrifice to save his only daughter. The narrative of a father losing his daughter and having to go through seemingly unconquerable odds to reach his child is age old but what separates Traded is its treatment throughout the film. The writers and director of Traded focused on the minutiae of film. Their attention to the smallest details of each character makes the film and the narrative believable and easier to accept as possible. They emphasize body language, facial expressions, and subtle eye and hand movements to help further the story without the use of dialogue.

While this isn’t specific to this film alone, I feel these are elements, which increase the value of a film that many filmmakers don’t emphasize often enough, and thus makes Traded a wonderful film from beginning to end. Traded deals with the underworld of prostitution, a fathers unconditional love for his daughter and the evils of money. I would recommend Traded to anyone looking to watch a fulfilling and thought provoking film with great acting!

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