Movie Review: ‘Top End Wedding’

If you are looking for a fun-filled break from your routine, this comedy movie will do the trick. Revolving around an eventful wedding between two sweethearts from Adelaide, the tale has humor, comedy, and perfect timing. It takes us to the beautiful landscape of Darwin in Northern end of Australia where a daughter goes on a ‘mum-hunt’ to find her beloved mother. We meet Lauren and Ned who are excited to get married in the presence of their parents. Everything seems to work perfectly for the two until they realize they have ten days to get married. While they travel to Darwin to celebrate the big wedding, Lauren learns about an expected surprise.

Lauren’s mother leaves her home and sets off of an adventure of her own. What follows is fun-filled tale of mum-search where Lauren and Ned try to pick clues and find her mother. Perfect timing is the real highlight of the movie as it has many jokes at the right moment. There is confusion, frustration, excitement, and happiness all packed into one, while the two strive to chase the adventure. We get a chance to admire the beautiful landscape of North Australia. Lauren’s father and her friends are busy with the wedding preparations on one hand only to realize there can be unexpected surprises on the way.

Whether Lauren and Ned succeed in finding her mother or they fail in their efforts is a fun thing to watch. Each of the actors have done a wonderful job. There is chemistry in their interactions. The characters bring life to the story of love, dreams, family, and choices. It is a unique tale based in modern times. There is connection with the audience in every step from the start to end. It shows the significance of family, traditions, and doing what your heart says.

Watch the unique tale of humor and fun. ‘Top End Wedding’ will make you happy and delighted with a fresh look at life and love.

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