Movie Review: ‘Tooken’ A Spoof Of Taken

Review by Monique Thompson

Let’s face it, some things shouldn’t be turned into a parody. With all of the social media memes that poke fun at Liam Neeson’s signature line “I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you.”, you would think a parody really isn’t that necessary. But like all spoofs, they must happen right.

Surprisingly, Tooken really isn’t all that bad. Or maybe it’s because I approached it with extremely low expectations. It covers the 1st and 2nd film of the Taken franchise and for the most part is nothing short of exactly what crude humor is. Much like most spoofs, you have nudity and tons of sexual innuendos and jokes that make up mostly its entirety. The acting really isn’t that terrible either since it’s not filled with a bunch of no-name actors and actresses. Lee Tergesen (Oz) plays Bryan and until this, really has a striking resemblance to Neeson and nails his accent.

Was it really necessary to spoof Taken…probably not. I think social media pretty much had that covered with the increased popularity of memes. However, Tooken still just adds another one to the list of prude guy flicks that just keep growing.

Also stars Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg, Lauren Stamile, and Margaret Cho.

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