Movie Review: ‘To Your Last Death’

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Lisa Payne

I love seeing movies I know nothing about, and surprise me from the start. To Your Last Dearh is an adult animation horror film. I don’t get to say that every day.

William Shatner is the voice of the Overseer, and honestly I thought we were about to enter a Twilight zone episode.

Miriam (Dani Lennon) is running in the street with an ax, is arrested for murdering her siblings, and brought to the hospital. There the Gamemaster (Morena Baccarin, Deadpool’s dearly departed) becomes visible to Miriam, and offers her a Mulligan.

There, however, are rules.

1. Miriam must and will provide amusement

2. Associates can and will ask for replays at any time

3. The Gamemaster may interfere, but doesn’t take sides

Miriam reluctantly agrees, so queue Groundhog Day.

Evil daddy complete with man-eating sharks in an aquarium in his office, Cyrus DeKalb (Ray Wise always reminds me of Leland, Laura Palmer’s demonic dad, in Twin Peaks) summons the siblings Miriam, Collin (Benjamin Siemon), Ethan (Dien Haas), and Kelsy (Florence Hartigan) to a family reunion to announce that he’s dying of brain cancer.

Cyrus tells each of his children how they have disappointed him, and sentences them to death in ironic ways that mirror his displeasure – mental illness, sexuality, sexual deviancy, elf-medicating and self-harm.

What follows is a twisty, bendy story of sibling rivalry, rescues, interventions, conflict, heartfelt reunions, and betrayals.

At one point, Kelsy says “You don’t give people what they need, you give them what you think they should have.” This says everything you need to know about the sibling relationships.

Game theory is played out by restarting the game when the Gamemaster and her cohorts feel the need.

Reminds me of Clash Of The Titans when Zeus interferes with Perseus and his quest by placing him somewhere else.

The movie barrels forward to its conclusion playing out the central conflict between father and daughter, and his ultimate plan for her.

At the end of the game, the Gamemaster and the associates settle up the bets.

Enjoyable and not something I see every day. Definitely worth a viewing.