Movie Review: ‘The Tiger Hunter’

Expect loads of humor, perfectly timed jokes, sarcasm, love, friendship and laughter in this fun-filled movie ‘The Tiger hunter’. Slated to release on 22nd September, this Indian-American piece of entertainment is worth watching for several reasons. Based around the late 70s, the story is about a young Indian immigrant Sami Malik with dreams and passions to make it big. Directed by Lena Khan, ‘The Tiger hunter’ teaches several lessons about hard work, patience, determination and trust. The title of the movie is based on Sami’s father who was famous in his hometown as a bold tiger hunter. Along the story, as Sami remembers his dead father’s words and draws lessons from it, it weaves a perfect father-son relationship.

An engineer by profession, when Sami comes to Chicago to live the ultimate American dream, he encounters several experiences that alter his dream every passing day. Amidst challenges of job hunt, limited resources, crowded apartment and distance from the comforts of home, as Sami struggles in a new country, the story seems realistic. Laced with confidence, Sami believes in his efforts and hard work, but fails to realize that situations cannot be controlled. Though skilled to the core, immigrants may not get the right opportunity that leads to disappointment and failure.

Excellent story, good dialogues, talented cast and light hearted feel shine as the highlights of the story. Sami’s unique experiences in a new country give way to funny situations. As he makes new friends, shares space in a tiny apartment with fellow immigrants and dreams about a happy life of a wealthy engineer, these aspects lead to a smooth flowing humorous theme. His adjustments and efforts to make a name in a new territory are truly worth watching.

Along the journey as Sami makes some close friends, it adds an emotional touch. Leading these light hearted moments is a romantic angle that takes the story forward. With an aim to marry his childhood friend, as Sami struggles to impress his future father-in-law, lot of twists enter into the tale. Limited opportunities at work coupled with the pressure to present himself as a well settled engineer lead to several interesting moments along the course.

Though the movie scores well in its cast, story and humor, it seems a bit unbelievable with respect to its time frame. It does not come across as a story from the late 70s. There are no references that point to the good, old times. Also, the movie fails to build the plot about his father’s contribution to the village or his role as a tiger hunter. Though titled as a tiger hunter, it is not really relevant to the flow of the movie.

Yet, it manages to be entertaining and fun-filled. It comes across as a good break from serious movies and thriller based stories. Watch this story for its talented cast, good humor, strong determination of immigrants and a message that patience is all that you need. Ultimately as hard work and efforts pay off, everything is possible.

Opens in U.S. cinemas Friday, September 22

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