Movie Review: ‘Then Came You’

Different people handle same situations differently. But how one reacts at the time of adversity determines their true outlook towards life. One such tale of courage, confidence, happiness and open approach towards hardships decorates the course of movie ‘Then Came You’. Though battling a serious medical illness that puts young teenager Skye at the edge of life and death, she refuses to moan over something beyond her control. Rather, she takes charge of ticking off her bucket list to ensure happy memories all along. Accidently when she meets an over-cautious shy teenager Calvin at a support group, they enter into an interesting friendship. Though in perfect shape, Calvin assumes the worst and believes something is wrong with his health. Taking unnecessary stress and worries, he stays to himself and refuses to make friends. Unknowingly, a chirpy Skye forces him to embrace life to the fullest.

Together the unusual tie between an introvert and extrovert takes them on interesting adventures around the city. With an aim to accomplish her bucket list, they create magical memories along the way. Though centered on a sad theme of terminal illness, the movie is a complete fun-filled entertainer. Fun loving Skye manages to spread happiness and create memories without an inch of sorrow. Her character brings out an amazing spirit towards life and living. She refuses to be sad and instead enters into funny situations. From getting arrested to diving in the swimming pool of their locked school, from dancing on the streets to hitting on her crush, they embark on an adventurous journey. With involvement of certain hilarious surprise characters, the movie brings out unexpected joy.

The movie primarily focuses on these two characters and relates a tale of finding hope even in the most unexpected cases. As Skye depicts the happiness of living in the moment, Calvin realizes the hidden fun too. Whether they succeed in ticking off every item of the list or fail in the process is a fun thing to watch. Skye brings a pleasant change into her new friend and shows him the joy of happiness without bothering about unnecessary things.

Excellent acting, good story, unique flow and simple approach mark the length of this fun entertainer. It does revolve around illness but at the same time shows the fun of finding hope. ‘Then Came You’ is about doing what your heart says, quitting inhibitions and enjoying the opportunity because it is precious. Skye creates a special space in Calvin’s life and forces him to quit his seriousness in every situation. She pumps that much needed enthusiasm so that Calvin gains courage to talk to his crush Izzy. As a mentor and friend, Skye pushes Calvin into diverse awkward situations that are extremely entertaining to the audience. Watch the story of loving life because that is what we all need to do at the end.

A perfect movie at the start of the year, ‘Then Came You’ is an inspirational self-help lesson in a funny disguise. In Theaters and On Demand February 1st.

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