Movie Review: ‘The Serengeti Rules’

Nature puts out a spectacular show around us. And those who explore it with patience reveal interesting things hidden deep within. One such documentary that uncovers the hidden magic and brings it to the forefront is ‘The Serengeti Rules’. Based on the book by author Sean Caroll, it presents the mystery of ecology with its own unique set of rules and laws. As the movie flows at a smooth pace, it depicts the magic of nature as seen and told by dedicated enthusiasts. It takes us through their years of patience and hard work, while they strive to work in their own sincere way.

With spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean to Serengeti region of Africa, it takes us on a scenic adventure all around the world. We get a close look at the mighty Arctic Ocean and Amazon jungle, as the camera lens takes us on a joyride. As it flows through the commendable work of one pioneer researcher to the other, it offers behind-the-scene look into their efforts. It tends to flow at a slow pace, disconnecting with the audience quite often. The excessive usage of scientific language can make it too technical for general viewers. Though the magnificent images of nature add to the engaging quotient of the movie.
There is lot of learning, researching and discovering of new information as it brings new aspects of nature to the forefront. Explaining the basic flow of food chain, it strives to look at known rules through different viewpoints. We learn about species interaction and diversity through the five different discoveries in different parts of the globe.

The movie succeeds in painting a detailed picture of different natural aspects in the rawest form as it exists. There is exceptional cinematography that adds to the overall entertainment quotient. An excellent watch for nature-lovers, it depicts the exceptional charm of Mother Nature.

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