Movie Review: ‘The Monkey King’ Can Be Enjoyed By People Of All Ages

Review by Lavanya

With excellent graphics, spectacular art work, remarkable visual effects and entertaining storyline – Hong Kong- Chinese fantasy movie ‘The Monkey King’ hopes to draw undivided attention of viewers soon. Releasing on 2nd February, 2016 in United States, this 3D movie has loads of fun-filled aspects for its audience. Making use of latest animation effects and flawless sound recording, the movie shall certainly prove to be a super-hit entertainer. Directed by Cheang Pou-soi, starring Donnie Yen as the lead protagonist, the movie was first premiered in 2014 across Hong Kong and China.

Based on an episode from the Chinese literary classic ‘Journey to the west’, ‘The Monkey King’ takes us through the birth and life of Sun Wukong, later regarded as the ‘Monkey King’ for his incredible powers and exceptional capabilities. Set against the backdrop of battle between demons and deities, the movie focusses on the role of monkey king as he enjoys attention, fame, love and respect from his followers. As the movie starts with a fight between Bull Demon King (Aaron Kwok) and Jade Emperor (Chow Yun Fat), it highlights the growing tension between these two kingdoms.

An unbelievable birth tale of Sun Wukong adds great elements of surprise. Born from one of the crystals released by Princess Nuwa, cute little monkey trapped within a bubble appears totally interesting. As the journey begins, the movie takes us through the life of this central character. Exhibiting exceptional skills of transformation, magic, mischief and physical strength, Sun Wukong’s training sessions under Master Puti (Tian Hai Yi) form entertaining pieces of the movie. While learning and mastering all the skills in an effortless manner, interaction of monkey with other human characters provide insights into his capabilities.

Making use of wide range of support characters, the plot tends to lose its focus quite often. Though involvement of interesting effects create wonderful scenes, crowd of many elements can lead to confusion among the viewers. After completion of training sessions, when Sun Wukong returns back to the home mountains, his claims of being ‘the Monkey King’ depict leadership skills and a protective conduct.
With this, as he begins interesting adventures, destructive actions and troublesome episodes, the audience is introduced to innumerable acts that create havoc and chaos.

Inclusion of romantic shades between Sun Wukong and Fox Spirit Xia Zitong add lovely moments to the tale. While this fox spirit had rescued little monkey from his bubble years ago, their reunion appears absolutely special. Hoping to make good use of Sun Wukong’s destructive skills, strategies of Bull Demon King against the deities dominate the second half of this movie.

Depicting innumerable troubles caused by the Monkey king, the movie tracks down the course of his life. Imprisoned for his harmful conduct, the movie throws light over the need to make good use of skills and talents. Though blessed with a power that could save good over bad and destroy evils, Sun Wukong’s improper conduct leaves a wonderful message for the audience.

With visual effects that can relate to the theme of this movie, the makers have ensured delivery of an excellent experience. Animation and 3D work wonders, while adding interesting touch to its plot.

Watch this movie for Donnie Yen’s flawless performance, interesting effects, animation and visual wonders. A light themed movie that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, it takes the viewers to an entirely different world. By taking care of minute details, the movie has certainly done an excellent job. Preserving the elements of action, drama, thrill, suspense, romance and laughter, it aims to offer it all.

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