Movie Review: ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ Makes The Cold War Hot


Bottom line: if you can’t have fun with ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ then you are just taking things a bit too serious. Literally, you are in for a blast from the very first sequence of the movie. The playful banter, brilliant costumes, fun performances, often hilarious comedy, and clever action sequences will keep you consistently entertained the whole way through. I won’t argue that you’ll be talking about how brilliant it is, but I guarantee you will talk about some of these sequences.

You also might be talking about the near revelation that Henry Cavill is like an American James Bond in this movie. It’s absolutely brilliant. To be clear, I’m talking the Sean Connery version of Bond and not the brooding new version that Craig has carried so well. Also, he is a CIA agent named Napoleon Solo and has a very suave American accent. Not British Bond by any stretch. Yet, even with an American accent, he is closer to the original Bond than anyone I can think of. I love Craig, but I could certainly see Cavill fill the Bond shoes after watching him chew up every scenes he’s in here.

Armie Hammer doesn’t fare quite as well playing the Russian spy Illya Kuryakin, but he still pulls it off fine. It is likely just the nature of Illya and his lack of charm that makes him pale in comparison to Solo. Still, when the two men are on screen together they have a lot of fun playing off one another. I especially like a scene where the two break into a high security facility. I can barely remember why they were there, but the sequence and their chemistry was hilarious.

That lack of remembering plot details will likely be the thing that most critics beat the movie up for. I certainly can’t defend it much on that hand. I basically got that an American and Soviet spy join forces with a German mechanic to stop the mechanics father from making a nuclear bomb for a very arrogant woman. That’s pretty much it in a nut shell. However, the movie is really about fun and style. Two things it has an abundance of.

Speaking of style. Alicia Vikander is absolutely to die for in almost every scene of this movie. Yes, she’s a beautiful woman, but I’m not referring to her beauty. I’m referring to the amazing clothes she gets to wear in this film. I hardly ever remember a damn thing anybody wears in anything. Yet, there are at least 3 outfits she wears in this film that I can’t forget. Not sure if I just really dig the time period, but I certainly am in love with the clothes this movie throws up on screen.

So, this movie isn’t going to change the world or anything. It’s not that kind of movie. However, you will be hard pressed not to have a good time watching. Sometimes that’s all going to the movies needs to be about.

Nathan Ligon

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