Movie Review: ‘The Legend Of Hallowaiian’

A perfect family entertainer for Halloween- ‘The Legend of Hallowaiian’ has comedy, action, drama and suspense. An animated movie with perfect doses of entertainment, it is ideal to welcome the festival. It takes us through unique adventures of three best friends- Kai, Eddie and Leilani who accidently come across some hidden treasure in the ocean. Set in the picturesque landscape of Hawaiian Islands, the animation brings excellent graphics on screen.

When these three friends surf waves in the ocean, they discover the pineapple headed monster buried in the waters millions of years ago. And while Kai’s grandfather warns them about the dangers of this legendary monster, Kai finds it hard to believe. But to their surprise, when the scary festival of Halloween indeed turns scary, it delivers loads of shocks, uncertainties and some never thought before adventures. Should they run away from the dangers of the monster or fight back the challenges to protect their island pushes them into some uncertain experiences.

Revolving around the fun-filled custom of ‘trick-or-treat’, the kids hope to gather candies and have their usual fun. While the pineapple headed monster takes them on a unique ride, the plot turns interesting, funny, and quite unbelievable all at once. It offers a nice message on friendship as the three unite together and make every possible attempt to protect their people, island, memories and most significant – their strong friendship with each other.

Excellent graphics bring the pictures to life. The movie succeeds in depicting the island in a beautiful way, taking the audience right to the ocean and breathtaking natural elements of Hawaii. With matching voice-overs that convey all the fun, the movie turns more and more engaging till the end. While the kids work hard to fight the monster, they face quite novel situations. From meeting some cute tiny creatures to being lost in a hidden secret territory, from separating from each other to struggling to defeat the evil, their actions demonstrate courage, confidence with lots of embedded fun. It also shows the power of believing in ourselves. If we harbor faith and strong will, everything is possible. With a wonderful message like this, the movie is definitely ideal to explain the significance of Halloween.

Children will love the flow of this fun-filled adventure that can take them to a beautiful world of imagination. A good break for the entire family, the Legend of Hallowaiian is as interesting as its title. Enjoy the animation, plot, story and ups and down of a wonderful story that can keep everyone happily engaged all along the length of the movie.

Available on DIRECTV September 20, In select theaters and On Demand October 18th.

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