Movie Review: ‘The Girl From The Brothel’

A drug addict flies to Cambodia to surprise her husband but gets her own surprise which alters her whole view of life and sets her off on a journey across Cambodia to try to help three young girls. The Girl From the Brothel shines a light on a few dark areas of humanity that sadly still exists. It is not a pleasant movie with barely any good, but it could raise awareness, so I should recommend seeing it, albeit a mild recommendation. At the very least, the scenery in the film is beautiful.

Mia, the aforementioned drug addict, is a photographer in Paris. But she is bored with her life and wants to start a family with her husband who is away on business in Cambodia. On a whim, she flies there to find him to try to start said family. Unfortunately, she finds her husband in a brothel with an 11-year-old, Srey. While you might expect anger, her first reaction is to faint.

When she awakens, she takes it upon herself to rescue Srey and return her to her village. After selling some personal belongings, including her own body, Mia and Srey are off on their adventure. But it isn’t long before she realizes two other girls from the brothel have stowed away, putting the brothel’s managers and corrupt police on their tail as Mia tries to return all three to different parts of the country.

The heart breaking reunions don’t go as planned making for an overly dramatic film and a climactic ending. Along the way, we get treated to some wonderful scenery. However, even that is interrupted by deforestation. In a film that covers topics like kidnapping, drug abuse, under age sex, and a corrupt police force, deforestation is rather low on the social topics presented; and it’s screen time is proportional.

I’m not going to say you’d enjoy the film. If you’re up for some heavy drama with a message and amazing views, this is the film for you. On DVD and On Demand now.

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