Movie Review: ‘The Final Project’

Review by Lauryn Angel

The Final Project is a found-footage-style horror movie about college students who decide to film at a “haunted” plantation for the – you guessed it! – final project for their film studies class.

In many ways, I wish this film had been produced by a group of college students for an introductory film-making course. I could forgive a lot, if that were the case. But since wasn’t made by students, I have to question who thought it was a good idea to spend more than half the film’s running time on pointless chit-chat that adds nothing to the story. Actually, I’m probably being a bit too generous here, as there really isn’t a story. The only thing we know about the characters is that Genevieve (Arin Jones) was formerly dating Jonah (Leonardo Santaiti) and is currently dating Gavin (Sergio Suave), which is supposed to create tension among the group, but is a non-issue, since none of them seem to really like each other in the first place. As for the plantation itself – all we know is that there is probably a ghost.

Exactly why the house is being haunted is a mystery – the film can’t even decide whether the soldiers who were killed on the grounds fought for the Confederacy or the Union. Predictably, the students are killed off one by one – but who exactly is doing the killing and why is never fully explained, and the part that is explained is pretty obvious.

The only nice thing I can say about this film is that with a running time of 82 minutes, it was blissfully short. On the other hand, 40 minutes of that could easily have been cut, and we wouldn’t miss it.

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