Movie Review: ‘The Devil’s Candy’

Ethan Embry is virtually unrecognizable as a struggling painter with an otherworldly muse that threatens his family and community. The Devil’s Candy is an intriguing horror film that will keep one on the edge of their seats or at least make them more cautious when buying a new home. The cast is great, with some decent performances, but the story and “horror” was a bit underwhelming.

Like many before it, The Devil’s Candy begins with a young family moving into the new home of their dreams which soon turns into a nightmare. A nightmare on at least two fronts. First is Jesse’s (Embry) painting which causes him to lose track of time and the resulting artwork features the child victims of their second problem- the crazy and/or possessed former occupant, Ray (Pruitt Taylor Vince), who still has a key to their house (word of advice- change the locks when you move into a new place; especially when you don’t have a clue who lived their before).

There is an interesting family drama subplot as Jesse’s obsession (possession?) causes him to mess things up with his daughter, Zooey (Kiara Glasco). Shiri Appleby (Roswell) is the wife and mother. I don’t remember if it was stated in the movie, but IMDB shows their surname to be “Hellman”; which is a nice touch from writer/director Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones).

The title, The Devil’s Candy, refers to children. Children are apparently the Devil’s candy and it is up to Ray to “feed” him by killing children. As I alluded to above, it is not long before Ray has his sights set on Zooey leading into the film’s climax. Overall, I would consider it a “middle of the road” film- not great, but not terrible- I will mildly recommend it here, but I will probably forget about it tomorrow (maybe a week since I like Embry and Appleby).

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