Movie Review: ‘The Back Seat’

Review by Tom Swift

A burning mix of punk rock startup and first love story centered around a dual case of hemorrhoids.
Every young filmmaker dreams of making a gross out movie that goes viral and makes careers. Kevin Smith broke in that way but always kept the charm alive. This so-called comedy seems to believe in keeping the harm, not the charm, alive, its hero reveling in being a broken record of victimization: his pain or the pain of whomever he inflicts himself upon.

Starting off with a mean spirited, high school rift that manages to potentially offend almost anyone who might ever see this, The Backseat begins by finding a name for a two dude band: Witness My Jehovah. Whatever. Roy is the lead guitar player and songwriter who’s only real interest in life seems to be making himself the center of attention. You can blame his hovering mother and distant father for this, but they both reveal themselves to be loving, caring parents.

Roy’s bass player and best buddy is a Scot named Larry. They are plopped into some sort of archetypal, apparently suffocating suburb. They seek out a drummer and end up with the only talented musician in the bunch, Mike, who’s some sort of Italian stallion who’s made sure he’s been held back in high school, so that he can sleep with high school girls.

Enter Samantha, the prototypical sexually experienced girl who will relieve Roy of his virginity. Will he make a mess of that and blame everyone but himself. Of course. They meet at the doctor’s office, both suffering from a case of hemorrhoids. Stall crossed lovers? Roy’s immediately into soul mate territory like a puppy without his mother or a sociopath only too happy to make a pain in the ass of himself. He becomes jealous, angry, bitter and mean: or in other words, a man with a demonic smile on his face. More charm, less harm would be needed to make any of this entertaining.

The production company seems to specialize in cut rate horror films – no doubt waiting for one to go viral. They may have inadvertently made a character based, love and horror story here. The gore comes from the case of hemorrhoids. Now just how clever is that? Feel the burn.

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