Movie Review: ‘Tell Me Sweet Something’

Review by Monique Thompson

TELL ME SWEET SOMETHING tells the story of Moratiwa, an aspiring writer who owns and runs a bookstore in the heart of Johannesburg. The bookstore, like her love life, is not experiencing much success. This all changes when she meets and falls in love with the unlikeliest candidate in the world, Nat, a male model, who has never read a book in his life and is desperate to be loved for his mind not his body.

Tell Me Sweet Something is an upbeat romantic company based in the beautiful South African city of Johannesburg. Moratiwa is an aspiring writer that is suffering from writers block ever since her boyfriend unexpectedly dumped her without any explanation. In hopes of getting her out of this rut and back out on the dating scene, Moratiwa’s best friend Tashaka invites her out to the hottest new club in the city. Little does she know, her love life is going to quickly change starting that night when she meets the very handsome male model Nat, or the “45 Foot Man” as she calls him. Will the two fall heads over heels for each other or will each of their dominant personalities cause the two to clash?

Surprisingly, Tell Me Sweet Something is very decent. It has that Love Jones feel that’s very warm and romantic. If you’ve recently stumbled upon the collection of African films that have recently been added to Netflix in about the last year or so, I wouldn’t let those steer you away from this one. The acting in this one is very well, with great chemistry between the two lead roles. The city of Johannesburg is also highlighted very well, focusing more on the beautiful scenery and night life culture the city has to offer. The accents are also very easy on the ears and the actors English enunciation is admirable. Quite impressed, Tell Me Sweet Something is pretty good and rom-com fan should be impressed.

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