Movie Review: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Is Stupidly Entertaining


I would be out of my mind if I told you that the story for the new ‘TMNT’ movie was anything more than a pathetic rip off of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ remake. I’d also be pretty crazy to tell you that the dialogue written for this film was not laced with dozens of pathetic lines like “April came early this year.” People might call me a bit wacky if I thought that the villains back stories were not quite weak or that their plan only makes the tiniest hint of sense.

I could truly go on and on about the stupid things in this movie that might make you wince if you think about them for to long, but I don’t like doing that very much. I’d rather spend my time on the things that the movie does right. First and foremost, the turtles themselves are awesome. I was a huge fan of the turtles when I was a kid and this movie gets their personalities just right. There may be a lot of bad dialogue, but there is also a fair bit of clever comedy to make up for it.

Second, the film has one of the coolest action sequences of the entire summer. I’m sure you have seen bits of the scene in the trailer, but watching it fully realized is pretty sweet. I’m referring to the scene where the turtles slide down an icy mountain on their shells while an 18 wheeler is also sliding to its doom. It is really sweet and filled to the brim with excitingly fresh moments. The movie is worth watching for this sequence alone.

Third, and most important, the visual effects are outstanding. These 6 foot tall turtles look completely amazing and the 3D was actually pretty decent. I could have done without some of the occasional shaky camera, but it’s not bad enough that I was feeling dizzy like many of the found footage movies. Mostly, the various camera movements work wonderfully, and the CG creations shine through the screen in a way that ‘TMNT’ fans have been waiting for over the years.

Is this enough to make up for the crappy plot about Peter Park…..hold on, is that wrong? Who is it? Oh yeah, (oops) I mean to write, does it make up for the crappy plot about April O’Neil (a decent Megan Fox) figuring out that her dead father was taken out by Oscorp (actually it’s Sack Industries) for finding out their dirty plans? I’d say that it does for the most part. You will just need to figure out a way to switch off the receptors that lead to your brain and enjoy the lights show on display.

I will totally understand if you are not totally behind this film and the reviews are pretty poor for a reason. However, if you have been a fan of the turtles since you were a kid or are still a kid now then you are going to totally dig it. You’ll forget about the poor plot and just be happy that the Ninja Turtles are kicking some serious butt on the big screen. Sometimes, a little bit of spectacle goes a long way.

Nathan Ligon

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