Movie Review: ‘Te Ata’

An inspiring piece of entertainment from the colorful past of Indian tribe, movie ‘Te Ata’ succeeds in its motive to spread positive radiance. Based on a true story, this movie dates back to the yesteryears of the Native American tribe. It takes the audience through the journey of a successful artist Mary Frances Thompson, called as ‘Te Ata’ on stage. As she strives to break the barrier of racial discrimination and create a mark for herself and her tribe, Te Ata comes across as a wonderful piece of history.

With an aim to communicate with the audience and spread awareness about the Indian tribe, Mary faces several challenges along the way. Q’orianka Kilcher brings this character to life with her flawless acting and attention to detail. As she presents her artistic charm on stage, the movie seems realistic for the audience of today. Excellent story, powerful narration, talented cast and careful execution shine as the highlights of this story inspired by history. It displays the power of arts as Te Ata uses this medium for development and progress. Rather than accepting the defeat of racial discrimination, her efforts reflect success and determination.

The movie presents her childhood days, where she was born and brought up among stories of Native Americans. With enthusiasm in her eyes and desire to make it big, as she involves in her culture, she refuses to play it safe.

Mary Frances Thompson worked as a Chickasaw storyteller to bring forth stories about their culture and lifestyle. Being a woman and Native American posed as two difficult challenges, when the country was engrossed in its glory of majority. During such difficult times, as Te Ata exhibited courage to spread her culture everywhere, it leaves a positive impact. The movie is a wonderful walk through history to such unique aspects. With a story that speaks out loud and clear, makers of ‘Te Ata’ have done a fulfilling job to present the reality. It succeeds in taking the viewers to the good, old times with a clear picture of their challenges and worries.

It depicts her fearless journey from Oklahoma to various cities in US and Europe. An opportunity to perform for the president of America shows the power of Arts. As an ambassador of Native Americans, ‘Te Ata’ displays the strength of determination and hard work. If heart and mind focus on their job with trust, nothing is impossible. A historic lesson in the form of movie, ‘Te Ata’ is definitely worth watching. Directed by Nathan Frankowski, the story is truly inspirational on all fronts.
Watch this slice of history laced with determination and hard work. It will definitely inspire you along your journey in a positive way.

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