Movie Review: ‘Tabloid Vivant’

Review by Monique Thompson

A painter and an art critic who romanticize each other’s obsession with fame decide to collaborate on a project they believe will revolutionize the art world. They are determined to make a painting come to life, even if it kills them.

The title alone should hint that this film will be something completely different than the norm: Tabloid Vivant. And immediately from the opening few minutes, you’ll begin to realize just how different things are going to be. In this independent thriller, up-and-coming art critic Sara Speed and her romantic love interest Maximilien collaborate on his factious painting technique. Their idea of turning art into life eventually turns into terrifying and horrific events.

Almost forgetting that Tabloid Vivant is intended to be a , the chemistry between the two is electrifying! Their chemistry is nothing short of steamy and realistic which totally helps to keep the entire plot alive. Undoubtedly, at times throughout the film things become a little weird but the couples delivery definitely helps to distract from those moments. As an art film, things aren’t the norm for the general audience but is different and interesting to watch.

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