Movie Review: ‘Suburban Cowboy’

The last movie I wrote about was rather dull. Quite frankly, it was bad; exploring the ins and outs of a mafia family and their “business” in a manner that made me fall asleep thrice. In a way, Suburban Cowboy reminds me of that other movie in terms of plot. Suburban Cowboy follows a drug dealer through the criminal underground as he tries to save his skin and atone for the mistakes of one of his underlings. Unlike that other unnamed movie, I, for the most part, enjoyed this movie. It is grim, crude, and features a protagonist who would be an easily defeated villain in any number of my favorite series, but the movie is well-made with a decent plot and cinematography, top-notch music and scenery, and very respectable acting.

Frank Raducz Jr. stars as Jay, a mid level drug dealer who envisions himself as a wolf, visually represented with admirable animation. He supplies “product” to others who are supposed to sale it and return the money; but, as expected, the criminal underground is not always that straightforward. One of Jay’s “soldiers” robs a connection to Serbian gangsters and the debt, plus interest, falls to him with limited time to pay it back.

From there, it is a mad dash to raise the money. First, he tries to collect on his debts, with some success and some violence. He tries to borrow more “product” to quickly get sold on the street. He and his girlfriend also resort to stealing from questionable people that normal people would not want to cross. Their drastic measures take the audience on a trip through the consequences of dealing drugs in Long Island.

Even with an immoral protagonists, audiences with likely be drawn to the edge of their seats, or at least the middle of their seats. There is pulse pounding excitement and tension. The filming style is beautiful. Several times I noticed the camera moving back and forth in one long take; I do enjoy when actors can keep the scene going for an extended time with few edits. If nothing else, you may never look at Wonder Woman the same way after this film; I tried to watch this movie at work, but the first scene strongly recommend against that. Though, I would mildly recommend the movie at any other time.

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