Movie Review: ‘Submerged’

Review by Lauryn Angel

Submerged could have been a great thriller about six pretty people trying to escape from a sunken limo before they run out of oxygen. While there are six people stuck in a limo, the story is not all that thrilling and is, more often than not, pretty predictable.

Matt (Jonathan Bennett) is a former Army Ranger who works for Hank Searles (Tim Daly) a local businessman whose practices have made him the most hated man in town. His daughter Jessie (Talulah Riley) is the subject of many death threats – and she also happens to be the former girlfriend of Matt’s younger brother. Searles puts Matt in charge of protecting Jessie and her friends on a night out, but when the limo ends up in the bay, Matt is effectively useless – his leg is pinned, rendering him immobile – Jessie is passed out in the passenger seat, and the remaining passengers are stuck in the back, panicking.

The movie opens with the limo already in the water, and most of the background unfolds in Matt’s flashbacks. A savvy viewer can put the pieces together and figure out who is responsible for the death threats against Jesse and the predicament Matt and his passengers find themselves in. The bland story is coupled with some pretty bad acting, making this the kind of movie that is best watched with a group. Possibly with adult beverages, as this movie would easily lend itself to a drinking game – “Take a shot each time one of the passengers comes up with a reason one of the others is responsible for their predicament.”

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