Movie Review: ‘Storm Boy’

A beautiful, unique and interesting piece of entertainer, movie ‘Storm Boy’ based on Colin Thiele’s Australian tale introduces us to various unusual bonds of relationship. Set against the backdrop of wonderful ocean in Australia, the movie shows the significance of relating with the nature around us. We meet successful retired businessman Michael Kingley who steps into his former office for an important meeting. While the mining deal shall lead to several unacceptable changes to the environment and local land, Michael is unsure of his next steps. Torn between the need to support his son for the deal and a nature loving strong granddaughter who finds it incorrect to trouble the environment, Michael has to take a stand.

The movie takes us to his inspirational childhood, where he stays with his father on an isolated coastline. While dealing with these meetings in his retired life, he is constantly reminded of the past. The story connects the past and present in a flawless manner, taking us through his experiences. While staying on a faraway coast without any friends or people, little Michael learns to play with pelicans. Accidently when he discovers a wounded bird, he strives to take care of the baby bird all along. His loneliness seems to wipe away as he partners with beautiful pelicans and nurtures them to good health. Excellent story, beautiful backdrop and an emotional tale form the central highlights of the movie that flows in a smooth manner.

It depicts the beautiful relation between a boy and his new pet bird Mr. Percival. Together with his father and a native man on the island, Michael enjoys the company of these birds. Everything is stable till some unexpected storms strive to break him apart. While bird-hunters torment the area looking for easy targets, Michael is forced to encounter undesirable episodes of fear and uncertainty.

The movie connects both his past memories and present interactions with his granddaughter in a perfect way, leading us to the world of nature, happiness, affection and care. It portrays the significance of connecting with our environment. Relationships do not need formal names or acceptable bonds. As Michael’s granddaughter works with a determined approach, she reflects the significance of doing our bit for the environment. No person is small or big when the purpose is clear for the betterment of our natural resources. Though the movie manages to form a connection with the audience, there are several slow moments towards the end where the real purpose of the story seems to slip off. There is lack of emotional connectivity that reflects over the slow and dull pace.

A simple story with a unique outlook, ‘Storm Boy’ prompts one to look at things in a different way. Enjoy a tale of nature, beauty, relationships, hard work and standing for a cause while the movie delivers its message in an entertaining way.

Opens Friday, April 5th.

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