Movie Review: ‘Spaghettiman’ Could Become A Cult Classic

Review by BIZ BZar

Ever wanted a slapstick comedy about what a modern day superhero would really be like? Now I’m not talking about a common superhero story, with powers like mind reading, and energy beams, but what would probably happen if any of us were lucky enough to get superpowers. I’m not saying anyone of us couldn’t become the next Captain America, or Batman, just that in the modern world it feels more likely if someone was given powers by accident it wouldn’t be the amazing one, but one of the awkward ones. Life and luck usually aren’t on the same page for the average person, so most folks wouldn’t get powers like the X-men, or Daredevil, they would get powers like Squirrel Girl, or Deadpool. Powers that are a gift just as much as they are a curse and turn your normal life into a pain in the ass. “Spaghetti Man” is a soon-to-be-classic parody film, as well as a new original idea for outside the approved Hollywood box, that explores what a local hero would be like.

Clark (Ben Crutcher) is a down on his luck do nothing, who loves to eat and not much more. He has a best friend who he crashes with, Dale (Winston Carter), who is a wannabee cop, stuck being a paper pusher. After Clark loses his latest job, and Dale’s support of his do nothing attitude, he becomes depressed after a night of drinking and eating he passes out back at home. Clark awakes with powers. He awakes with amazing powers that are ridiculously funny yet delicious, power over spaghetti. Clark is able to fire spaghetti pasta from his body at fast speeds, skillfully disabling threats. He begins to fight crime around the city, but with a different take on things than your common superhero. Spaghetti Man doesn’t work for free. If he saves you, you’ll pay for his hard crime fighting work. Basically, he asks for a reward from victims for preventing crimes against them. As Spaghetti Man begins to make a name for himself in the city, a villainous rival appears to challenge his privatized fight against crime, and his name is Shadow Man. He begins a war against a very unlikely hero, as Clark comes to terms with his destiny as Spaghetti Man.

“Spaghettiman” is sure to become a cult classic in the comic film genre, for avid fans. It could easily expand into more movies and adventures. The movie does a great job of developing the origin story of a hero without delving too much into the hero’s history prior to his ascension to hero. It is modern, low-budget and funny. The film has more freedom to be enjoyable since it doesn’t have some of the constraints that come with Marvel, DC, or other major studios, a problem that most modern comic book hero adaptations often have. With this being an original idea, the creators could take more creative freedoms and can take things however they want going forward. The movie could be most compared to “Super Troopers” meets “Deadpool.” It is a film that even the most novice comic fans can enjoy. It’s your not Hollywood hero here but your hometown one, complete with spaghetti and sauce.

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