Movie Review: ‘SK8 Dawg’

The timing of this movie could not be more perfect. An excellent feel good tale that is all things fun, ‘SK8 DAWG’ is a wholesome family entertainer for the holidays. Since December month marks the mood for joy, it is awesome to watch a matching light-hearted tale. There is humor, friendship, entertainment, drama and a smart pet dog who adds uniqueness to the story.

Revolving around a shy and smart teenager Tommy, it presents his adventures with skate boarding. With a professional skate-boarder sister and huge family business of skate board production, everyone around Tommy is soaked into this passion. Even his pet dog ‘Buddy’ does a great job at skate boarding as we see him enjoying the action like a pro. It is interesting to watch the dog while he communicates with us in a funny manner. His timely remarks and funny dialogues add excellent dose of unique fun, while we fall in love with him instantly. The title of this movie does complete justice because skate-boarding dog is the novel highlight of the movie.

It takes us through Tommy’s endless efforts to skate board. Though he practices and studies videos to understand the skill well, he finds it difficult to do it just like his professional sister. He does not allow this from stopping his practice, while he seeks advice from his father and friend Alice. Together they make multiple attempts to make him a good enough skate boarder. All these efforts are geared towards preparing him for a skate boarding challenge with a local bully. When Frankie bullies him over his lack of skate-boarding skills, Tommy ends up setting a challenge, only to realize he cannot prepare for it in such a short while.

This experience takes us on a joy-ride focused over Tommy’s practice sessions with his father, friend and even smart Buddy. The movie has all the elements of fun, making it simple and easy. There are no complicated matters to worry about. All you need is a free mind and ability to laugh with an open heart. Besides Tommy’s adventures for the skate board competition, we are introduced to another simultaneous plot involving his father’s company. While headed for a possible contract with an investor, we see their anxious preparations for the big day. How these two plots combine into one happy incident is a fun thing to watch.

Every actor has done an excellent job ensuring justice to their respective roles. Joey Lawrence’s part is fun too, while he strives to enter into a serious genre. Presence of a skate boarding dog adds many more stars to this fun-filled movie.

Whether Tommy manages to learn skate boarding and deliver decent enough performance at the competition or fails miserably is fun to watch. And whether his father’s company earns that much needed business add comedy to the tale, engaging audience right till the end. Watch a tale that is all about fun, ‘SK8 DAWG’ is as unique as its name.

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