Movie Review: ‘The Signal’ Will Satisfy Sci-Fi Fans

Review by Monique Thompson

The Signal, starring Laurence Fishburne, Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, and Beau Knapp, is a sci-fi thriller following three hackers on a cross-country road trip that lands them in an unusual predicament. Hackers and best-friends, Nick and Jonah, get into an online altercation with another hacker, Nomad, who has entered their network and caused damage to some of their servers. Desperate to get a hold of Nomad, the pair, accompanied by Nick’s girlfriend Haley, follow a lead of where Nomad may be and end up at an eerie-looking cottage in the middle of nowhere.

After this point, The Signal goes from a suspenseful thriller, to a bunch of weird extraterrestrial scenes. Once they arrive at what they thought was an abandoned cottage, they realize that someone, or some THING may have actually been there recently after-all. All of a sudden, they all lose consciousness and Nick wakes up totally confused in a hospital bed.

Nick is then approached by a doctor in a white, contamination prevention suit (Laurence Fishburne), who tries to explain the mysterious events and advises that he must stay at what appears to be a secluded research facility to be studied. The remainder of the film takes several unusual twists and turns leading up to a very bizarre ending.

For the most part, The Signal starts out really good and suspenseful but loses the “thriller-feel” about 45 minutes in. Still though, sci-fi fans may find the film quite satisfying as visually, it definitely warrants an eerie feeling.

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