Movie Review: ‘Sex, Love & Therapy’ Is A Superb Romantic Comedy

Lambert is a recovering sex addict. He is trying to improve his life and wants nothing more to do with sex without love. Judith, on the other hand, is a sex addict who would jump into bed with just about any man she meets and has no interest in changing her ways. When the two meet, it is an instant attraction, but because they claim to want different things, the two engage in an atypical courtship befitting a romantic comedy.

When we meet Judith, she is having sex with a male client. Soon after, her boss fires her because this apparently was not an isolated incident. So she goes to an interview for a dental assistant position. On the way, she meets Lambert who, coincidently, is also looking for a new employee, a psychology student, to help with his couples counseling sessions. Because they like each other, she lies about her credentials and he overlooks his suspicions and the two begin treating other couples; or trying to treat others, at least.

Present are some typical romantic comedy clichés. They pretend to be a real couple for a family member, they fight/break-up before reuniting at least once, and they get jealous of others before realizing they are actually in love; just to identify a few. This isn’t to say this is a bad thing; these clichés are handled fairly well in this movie. And, of course, rom-com fans know how it will end, but part of the fun is getting there; and there is a cute mini-fantasy scene to close out the movie.

The acting from Sophie Marceau (Judith) and Patrick Bruel (Lambert) is top notch; very believable and memorable. Their characters were pretty well developed and there was rarely a time when I felt like I was watching actors in a movie rather than characters in a story. On an amusing side note, under the “Small World” category, I just found out while researching their past performances that they were in Lost and Found together with David Spade; which I probably haven’t watched since it first came out. At one point during that movie, Marceau’s character tells Bruel’s character “Do you think I’m just going to throw myself at you again?” 17 years and a different character later…

Anyway, their current movie, Sex Love and Therapy, is a superb romantic comedy that I would rate among the best. If you are a fan of rom-coms (and do not mind subtitles), you will probably enjoy this film.

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