Movie Review: ‘Sex Doll’

Review by Bradley Smith

There is very little I can say in favor of the new film, Sex Doll. The acting was decent enough and the music was soothing. But, simply put, the storyline was boring with a plot that was a little tough to follow; possibly because of the former.

The film is about a French call girl in London who is seemingly tired of her career, dealing with a kind of identity crisis. She meets and falls for a man who, unbeknownst to her, is searching for a missing person whom she may have known. Their developing relationship accounts for a bulk of the film. She also has trouble with her boss and dealing with her family who do not know what she really does for a living.
The drama never really develops as well as it could have as the filmmakers seemed go for more of an artsy feel. While it may be pleasing to look at and/or listen to, average viewers will probably not be entertained.

I will add one thing that I found interesting was the way they are able to communicate seamlessly in two languages. I took four years of Spanish in high school, but I still only speak English and it is fascinating to me when people can switch back and forth between two languages mid conversation. Although, this did throw me a bit at first as you have to switch back and forth between French with English subtitles and English in a French accent with no subtitles. It can get confusing if you aren’t fully engrossed in the film.

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