Movie Review: ‘Second Nature’ Is Funny And Entertaining

A totally out-of-the-box movie with hilarious incidences, funny situations and unexpected behavior – ‘Second nature’ is a complete family entertainer. Fueling the man-woman equality war with unique interactions between people, this movie has touched an important topic in a funny light. Comedy, drama, relations, emotions and beliefs run high in this story that has a unique view point. Based on the power fight between two strong-headed individuals Amanda (Collette Wolfe) and Bret (Sam Huntington), the movie explores their race to win the mayor elections.

Due to the sudden death of the mayor in town, two former classmates Amanda and Bret come forward to run for the elections. While both are young individuals with successful careers in real estate, their differences in ideologies spark several arguments. Bret believes in his masculine power, hoping to win the elections by offering free drinks and entertainment. On the other hand, Amanda comes forward as a strong feminist who believes in gender equality to the core. While Bret hopes to start more strip clubs in town, Amanda strives to work hard for the weak and old such as her grandmother.

The movie has an entertaining theme that runs along, as the classic man-woman war can never get old. With strong ideas yet totally novel approach, as the two fight for this position – unexpected support and divided viewpoint from people add entertainment to the storyline. Debut director Michael Cross and his team of actors have truly done a wonderful job, bringing a unique story to the forefront. Now, while these gender based arguments dominate the plot of its story, one unexpected factor turns the entire feel. When Amanda’s grandmother gifts her an old, antique and ancestral mirror, lot of surprises enter into the story.

During yet another gender-based and heated argument between Amanda and Bret, when the mirror spreads magic powder all around, there is unexpected gender reversal. Suddenly as men and women change roles in their world, both of these contestants are confused in every way. With change in the roles, as men behave like women and vice-versa, hilarious experiences and comical adventures color the story. Clueless about this trouble, when both of them understand the role of the magical mirror, they hope to rectify this sudden change. Along this phase of confusion, the movie focusses on conventional thoughts about gender and throws light over serious aspects. The flow of this story is hilarious, as both former classmates understand the reality about genders.

A fresh story with a magical twist, ‘Second Nature’ is totally entertaining. While Amanda and Bret struggle to find the mirror, hunt for answers and find their way along the elections, the movie is truly worth watching.

With a comical essence, the story has great potential to hold its audience right till the end. Watch this movie for its funny situations, unexpected adventures and talented star cast. ‘Second nature’ will force you to think about gender reversal, bringing funny thoughts to your routine life. Imagine this unusual thought for a while and celebrate gender wars, as man and woman are two key players in the game of life!


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