Movie Review: ‘Same Boat’

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Featured, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Lisa Payne

Same Boat is like a seven-course taster menu. You know exactly what’s coming, however although some of the ingredients make you side-eye, you go with it because the meal has been recommended to you.

James (Chris Roberti) and his intern, Mot (Julia Schonberg) are assassins from the future who come back to the past to wipe out people who will go on to do bad things. “These two would have created reality television” made me laugh out loud.

The next assignment takes place on a floating Petri dish, aka a cruise ship. Mot gets seasick for days leaving James to track his target, Lily (Tonya Glanz), alone. James gets to know Lily, falls in love with her and changes his mind about killing her.

This movie signposts all the way through which could have been annoying. Instead, it is so charming and disarming that it was like eating Mister Softee ice cream and never getting tired of it.

The story was so kind-hearted and demonstrated that the future isn’t fixed and can be influenced by love and goodness.

Chris Roberti doesn’t put a foot wrong with directing, writing and acting. Same Boat is a gem.

Same Boat hits April 7 On Demand from Dark Star Pictures.