Movie Review: ‘Saint Judy’

An inspiring tale of courage, determination and confidence- movie ‘Saint Judy’ is a powerful biopic of immigration attorney Judy Wood. Based in the city of Los Angeles, Judy Wood has been working to represent and protect her cases for several years now. Actress Michelle Monaghan brings Judy Wood’s strong personality to life, portraying the role in a flawless manner. It revolves around Judy’s confidence to work for the unrepresented minority who are often ignored to protect the interests of the larger majority.

The movie takes us through her own struggles as a single mother who relocates from New Mexico to LA. While attempting to make her son comfortable in the new environment, Judy has to deal with work struggles of her own. Amidst these uncertainties, she starts her practice to represent immigrants. It shows her determination to help a young woman who escapes from her country. Facing innumerable challenges including death treats under the title of honor killing, Asefa Aswari fled the oppressive environment of Afghanistan. Her role as a school teacher to girls made it impossible to continue in a country that believed it to be absolutely incorrect. Though she flees to the US, her probable deportation would mean confirmed death sentence as soon as she lands in her country.

Determined to find a way to protect such unrepresented women, Judy strongly believes in the law. Though she faces rejection, ignorance and opposition every step of the way, Judy concentrates on her ability to change the system. It celebrates her exceptional efforts to do everything needed for justice. Each of the actors have done an incredible job while bringing the story to life. From strong Asefa who believes in Judy’s work to Judy’s assistant who sees a transition in his own attitude, from Judy’s boss who mistrusts her actions at first to the various governmental authorities- every character add their own unique element to the story. Actress Michelle Monaghan deserves special mention for doing absolute justice to her role. We are introduced to Judy’s determined personality through Michelle’s exceptional acting.

Entertaining, inspiring, brilliant and engaging from start to end, ‘Saint Judy’ is the motivational journey of a strong woman who brought a positive change to the US asylum law. It focuses over the significance of confidence. High power decisions are not always backed by higher influence and big personality names. The movie depicts the value of truth, simplicity and trust that can change the least expected decisions. It reminds about the unbelievable reality that positive change can be brought about by one single person.

Watch the story that reflects powerful influence by a strong women while she changes the system for good.

IN THEATERS March 1, 2019 (select cities) and Expanding March 8.

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