Movie Review: ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ A Fan Best, But Not For The Rest

If I had watched this movie at home, or with another crowd, I might delivering a slightly altered review, but I didn’t. So, as it stands, this trip to the movies just happened to remind of why I love going to the cinema in the first place. That’s right people, a ‘Power Rangers’ movie just reminded me of the power of cinema. Not because the movie was great, but because the experience of watching this movie with hundreds of other fans was about as infectious as rooting for your favorite team at a crowded game.

That’s the power of cinema! There is no way that this movie would have had anywhere near the impact that it had if I had watched it at home. I may have actually given it a failing write up if I had just watched it that way. It’s not a really bad movie, but there are enough mistakes in it that I might have written that you wait until it’s a little cheaper. I can’t do that after the experience I had on the big screen. The crowd, the sound, the big screen, and the general experience made it worth the trip.

The tale isn’t anything particularly special. A handful of kids meet in detention and then somehow manage to be at the same place together when one of them discovers some powerful coins that make them superheroes. You’ve seen stuff like this before. Yet, this movie makes up for it with a game cast, some decent humor, and character development that mostly works. I would argue that the yellow ranger gets particularly short changed and the black ranger is pretty one dimensional. Still, the majority of the movie is spent building the team and the team truly works. I especially enjoyed the blue ranger and the pink ranger (who was so hot it was a bit distracting).

Despite might enjoyment of most of these characters and their journey, I still had some gripes. Some of the dialogue is painfully on the nose. Several jokes fall flat. Some of the editing can seem a bit jarring. And one of the most dramatic moments was painfully obvious in its illustration. However, when it’s time for these characters to morph into their armor you will forget it (if your in a room full of fans). The energy in my screening was reminiscent of an entire room rooting for one fighter. Everyone was screaming. Everyone was clapping. It was a blast!

So, while many may feel put off by this film, fans will rejoice. Which is why I have a mixed recommendation. If you are a fan then run out and see it. If not, then maybe just rent it or watch it on cable. Either way, it’s worth a few hours of your time.

Nathan Ligon
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