Movie Review ‘Ryde’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A seemingly normal man, by the name of Paul (David Wachs), decides to go home with a woman using a new ride sharing app called “Ryde”. He has the driver’s card, so he decides to leave the woman’s home and bond with his driver, Karl (Kyle Thomas Schmidt). Paul then decides to drive Karl’s ride pretending to be Karl, so he can pick up more victims. See where this is going? Don’t trust Paul.

He only seems to kill annoying people and leaves nice, sober women alone. Paul or “the new Karl”, makes a mistake becoming obsessed with a nice woman named Jasmine (Jessica Serfaty), who has a seemingly terrible boyfriend (Marcus played by Ronnie Alvarez). Paul goes around enjoying murdering people in really horrendous ways, but he seems to want to “save” Jasmine. The question is will Jasmine be the one to throw Paul off his game?

The film is shot and acted well, but the plot wraps up the ending quickly and doesn’t tell you why Paul just up and decided to go on his rampage. It feels like it’s missing something and you want to be told why any of this is happening. There is no build up and Paul just goes after any woman (or man in his way). There are also scenes where you know the end result of the scene, but you’d still like to see what was going to happen. It’s not a bad movie. It just needs a little bit more plot-wise.

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