Movie Review: ‘Rio 2’ Is A Colorful Treat!

Set back in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Rio 2 is a colorful treat just in time for spring! A family of blue macaws, Blu and Jewel, are living a domestic life in Rio with their 3 kids, thanks to their owners Linda and Tulio. While on an expedition to the Amazon, Linda and Tulio are on a hunt to find a hidden macaw hideout but are kidnapped right as they are getting closer to the hideout. Meanwhile back in Rio, Blu and Jewel witness Linda and Tulio’s discovery of the possible hideout and realize they may not be the world’s only blue macaws after all.

The family of five along with a few of their other friends pack up and head to the Amazon to find out for themselves. While heading to the Amazon, they encounter an old enemy, Nigel the Cockatoo, and must overcome his devious plan of sabotaging their mission.

Thanks to the first films success, Rio 2 will definitely get the Rio franchise back ablaze. The perfect film for toddlers and school-aged young children, this sequel is packed with vibrant colors and very entertaining musical numbers throughout. Opening with Janelle Monae’s, “What Is Love”, musically, the film gets better and better as it progresses. The colorful pictures and music make for a simple, feel-good family film.

Rio 2 features voices by Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Bruno Mars, George Lopez,, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Mann, and more.

Review by Monique

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