Movie Review: ‘Rescue Dogs’ Offers Unlimited Doses Of Laughter

A fun-filled entertainer with shades of comedy, relationships, love, care and trust, movie ‘Rescue Dogs’ offers unlimited doses of laughter. With light theme and funny storyline, the movie has the power to radiate happiness and joy. Away from serious drama and heavy content, this movie makes use of animals and their voices to create a novel feel. Releasing in theatres on 1st April 2016, ‘Rescue dogs’ written by Jordan Rawlins, MJ Anderson and co-directed by Anderson, Haik Katsikian portrays unique relationship between humans and animals. Besides dogs- animals such as hamster, cat, birds and sea lions form the cast of this entertainer, while they convey their side of the story.

Revolving around the life of protagonist Tracy (Paul Haapaniemi) and his rescue dog Charger (voice: Peter Oldring), the movie takes the viewers to his beach shack restaurant in Southern California. Well known for his excellent culinary skills, Chef Tracy attracts customers to the restaurant for its signature breakfast spread. With an obedient dog that supports him as a best friend, the makers have portrayed deep bond of attachment between Tracy and Charger. Interaction between these two forms the best highlights of this movie, as the real voice of Charger adds life and novelty to the storyline. By providing voice to all the animals, the movie can connect with its viewers, instantly. Undoubtedly the most appealing aspect of this movie – animals and their words, feelings, emotions and thoughts bring magic to the storyline.

While dealing with the challenges of paying bills, managing waiters, attracting customers and cooking delicious food, Tracy and his dog enter into several roller coaster rides, frequently. With help from his funny brother Harper (Jordan Rawlins) and efficient, loyal waiter Clint (Kevin Chambers), Tracy tries to sustain his grandparents’ business amidst loses and pressures of shutting down. Excellent timing, funny dialogues, entertaining circumstances and odd situations mark the flow of this story that guarantees unlimited joy and happiness to its viewers.

To and fro dialogue exchange between Tracy and Charger appear completely entertaining as the rescue dog certainly steals the show. Besides troubles of maintaining the business, entry of an evil businessman and his plans to build a golf course over the shack land bring novel twists to the tale. With a pet cat and obedient banker, this businessman’s notorious plans trouble Tracy to no end.

While caught between deteriorating business and mounting losses, Tracy finds himself in the middle of unavoidable errors. Misunderstood as a dancer and trainer, Tracy’s unexpected adventures at a dance studio introduce him to a beautiful girl Bridget (Courtney Daniels). With a rescue Hamster as her little pet, her thoughts about Tracy and their growing relationship form entertaining highlights. While continuing his false role as a dancer, Tracy’s attempts at learning to dance bring hilarious moments into the storyline. As the course of misunderstanding continues, growing relationship between Tracy and Bridget color the feel of the story.

Funny actions and funnier reactions of each of the animals and humans offer great elements of entertainment. Charger’s attempts to spoil the evil businessman’s plans of golf course, Tracy’s efforts to continue the shack restaurant, Harper and Clint’s assistance to bring back the customers, Bridget’s role as the food critic for the place and evil banker’s unexpected support for the shack land decorate the crucial moments of the movie, offering unlimited entertainment and unrestricted enjoyment.
With talented cast, appropriate voices, fun-filled story and entertaining flow, ‘Rescue Dogs’ is definitely worth watching.

Watch this movie for its novel fun quotient in a totally unique set up. A must watch entertainer for portrayal of animals and their entertaining voices, ‘Rescue dogs’ is a new-age movie for all!

In theaters Friday, April 1.

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