Movie Review: ‘Reign Of The Supermen’

The latest DC and Warner Bros. animated movie is Reign of the Supermen. This is a sequel to the 2018 movie The Death of Superman. It’s been six months now since the events of the last movie where Superman gave his life to defeat Doomsday and save mankind. And Superman’s body is missing. Now four new versions of Superman have arrive to take his place. Fighting for the right to be the new SuperHero are Superboy (Cameron Monaghan), Steel (Cress Williams), Cyborg Superman (Patrick Fabian) and Eradicator (Charles Halford). Could one of them be Superman back to life?

Lois Lane is still reeling from the death and is investigating it and Lex Luthor’s clones who claim to be the new Superman. Each of the four vie to be the new Superman and fight the bad in town. It causes issues with each of them and shocking secrets are revealed and the Justice League gets involved when a plan is revealed and Lois learns a shocking truth about Superman.

The Reign of the Supermen all-star cast is led by Jerry O’Connell (Carter, Bravo’s Play by Play, Stand by Me), Rebecca Romijn (X-Men, The Librarians) and Rainn Wilson (The Office, The Meg) as the voices of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively. The potent trio is joined by the DC Universe Movies’ returning voices of the Justice League: Jason O’Mara (The Man in the High Castle, Terra Nova) as Batman, Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Rent, Daredevil) as Wonder Woman, Shemar Moore (S.W.A.T., Criminal Minds) as Cyborg, Nathan Fillion (Castle, The Rookie) as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs, Insatiable, Ugly Betty) as The Flash, and Nyambi Nyambi (Mike & Molly, The Good Fight) as Martian Manhunter.

Another great animated movie in the series. Each one is better than the last one and this continues the story of the Justice League with all the Superheroes we expect to see in one of these movies. The animation is once again top-notch. If you’re a fan of these animated movies you won’t be disappointed.

Available in stores on Tuesday, January 29th.

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