Movie Review: “Red Velvet Cake” Is A Delicious Slice Of Life


Review by Mary Sparkman

“Red Velvet Cake” is a deliciously insightful glimpse into the rarely seen romantic relationship with a person living with Aspergers. In this short film the characters immediately draw in their audience with exceptional character development and unique and much appreciated personalities. The film unfolds with the family eagerly waiting for their daughter, Blair, and beau, Jake, to meet at a much frequented restaurant. This has not been the first attempt to introduce Jake to the family and as in previous tries Jake fails to enter the restaurant with Blair.

This fast paced little gem is full of nuances that imply the family of beautiful Blair is aware of Jake’s condition, most notably, his ability to socialize. The irony is not lost when the mother quips that Jake is doing the best he can and questions if he is having a bad day all while sipping her dry martini and reflecting on how any sane person can survive without a personal shopper and assistant. As the plot developed I was torn whether to side with the sympathetic parents or the cynical brother with his harsh comments about Jake’s personal universe and the emotional drain this Jake, if he even exists, has on his sister.

This is a thought-provoking film and left me yearning to see how the evening would play out. When Jake walks in with the father we realize just what a big step this small accomplishment is for him. The thoughtful flashbacks to the personal side of the relationship between Blair and Jake allow the audience to see the strong emotions that exist between the two and really feel the bond that they have. Interjected with quick dialogue and sprinkled with humor this is a heartfelt look at a sweet, simple, and yet complex relationship. “Red Velvet Cake” is truly a terrific short on a much overlooked topic.


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