Movie Review: ‘Reality Queen’

If you want to start the new year with something unique and funny, ‘Reality Queen’ makes the mark. A hilarious movie with a fantastic topic, the fun-filled entertainer is perfect for a good break. The mockumentary style tale takes us through the made-up world of reality shows. It touches the obsession of social media, glamor, fame, and money around the field of entertainment.

Inspired by the famous stars of reality shows, the tale takes us through the life of a celebrity ‘named London’. When a journalist interviews her to know more about her life, she offers a close look into the royal world of fame and glamor. From expensive mansions to exclusive products, from a loyal dedicated staff to private jets and wealth, the interview touches the made-up world. The story is filled with timely jokes, honest and embarrassing moments, and fun-filled episodes for complete entertainment.

Each of the actors have done an incredible job and pump life into the characters. Though we can realize the artificial and made-up world of these celebrities, we are drawn to their glamor. It has a unique story that is completely relevant in today’s world. It succeeds in showing the other side of whatever we watch. We may end up fantasying the glamor and wealth of reality stars, but it shows the reality of a hollow life. We see the efforts of London’s manager and team to keep her relevant in the reality world. The method or manner of publicity is not important. What is essential is the need to stay in the rat-race with every possible means. At the end, it boils down to ratings, followers, and breaking news revolving around their lives. We see their fight to stay ahead in the competition with another popular celebrity ‘The Kims’.

A fun-filled movie that shows us the significance of marketing and publicity, it is totally worth watching. It shows how reality shows and the stars can benefit from the publicity. It will prompt you to answer whether the stars are wrong to draw our attention or are we wrong to follow their fame.

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