Movie Review: ‘The Quiet Ones’

Set in London in the 70s, The Quiet Ones is a retro supernatural horror film about a paranormal experience focused on a young girl named Jane Harper. Professor Coupland along with three other college students are cooped up in a mansion with Jane hoping to better understand the dark force behind her strange behavior and secrets.

Based on true events, The Quiet Ones starts out extremely slow and unfortunately, doesn’t pick up until the last 20 minutes of the film. At that point, the ending becomes very predictable and becomes nothing more than a watered down exorcism.

Most paranormal films start out slow but gradually build up to an explosive, mouth dropping ending but The Quiet Ones falls short. For this to be a horror flick, the trailer is more frightening than the film, which turned out to be a definite let down for me.

Review By Monique Thompson

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