Movie Review: ‘Puerto Ricans In Paris’

Review by Lauryn Angel

In Puerto Ricans in Paris, Luis (Luis Guzman) and Eddie (Eddie Garcia) are the unlikely elite of New York’s fashion police. Their success in busting rings of counterfeiters of designer goods attracts the attention of a French handbag designer, Collette (Alice Taglioni), who enlists their aid in discovering who stole the prototype of her latest handbag design. Once they take their leave of the women in their lives, Eddie’s wife Gloria (Rosie Perez) and Luis’s girl-friend Vanessa (Rosario Dawson), the men are off on an all-expenses paid trip to France to solve the crime.

The film combines the buddy-cop and fish-out-of-water formulas as Luis and Eddie take on Paris with varying degrees of success. Eddie fares somewhat better than Luis, but both discover that the job is not as easy as they thought it would be. Luis Guzman gives his standard, brash performance that works in some of the more comedic scenes, but overall comes on too strong. Garcia’s performance is more staid, which leads to an awkward dynamic between the partners. Taglioni plays her part well, but her character essentially has one neurotic note. Perez and Dawson are barely in the film, which seems like a missed opportunity, as surely there would have been greater opportunity for shenanigans in Paris with the ladies in tow. Ultimately, the film is too formulaic and just not very funny, which is unfortunate.

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